Our History

Our History

We are the leading multi-category resource in todays’ furniture market. We have adopted high-quality wood raw material and introduced foreign craftsmanship to Chinese market modernizing the Chinese furniture industry to cope with current globalization changes and trends.

Prominent retailers throughout Asia and Europe, rely on us for merchandise assortments recognized for their unique combination of beauty, craftsmanship, and value in virtually every price and construction category.

More than 15 years of passion for quality, combined with open-mindedness and receptiveness to stylistic innovation, gives our products their special style.


Our History

A cozy and warm home is a safety net that every one of us craves. A sharp office with a touch of your personal style creates an inspiring working environment for you. To give you a comfortable living and working environment, we have always been committed to providing furniture and accessories that can complete your life. They can add beauty to your room and turn an otherwise empty space into something extraordinary. 


Our History

Residential Bedding, Case Goods, and Upholstered Furniture comprise the three major manufacturing process that support our customer’s needs.


Our History
Supply Chain

Furniture Industries Global Supply Chain blends and optimizes domestic and foreign production efforts to the maximum benefit of our customers, providing quality products on time and at an exceptional value.


Quality Control

We have a rigorous quality assurance system, all products go through a accurate quality inspection with our skilled quality inspectors.
Our clear and comprehensive methods to improve the quality of our products continuously.